Hendrik Lepel

Hendrik a multiple award-winning oven crafter from Germany who lives in the south of Ireland. As a stone mason with a background in construction engineering he traveled around the globe from an early age. His many encounters with different cultures have influenced his skills as a crafts man but also the creativity that can be found throughout his projects. In 2005 he built his first wood-fired oven for “Il Convento San Giorgio” in Italy’s mountainous Abruzzo. Since then he has progressed in developing projects for commercial and non commercial clients in Ireland, Germany and throughout America.

Hendrik is a member of the Masonry Heater Association of North America where he won first (2012) and second prices (2013) in the MHA Design/Build contests. His work is regularly featured in national and international magazines and other media. Display ovens are regularly exhibited in Ireland at the Mallow Garden Festival in County Cork and at Bloom in Dublin.

Wood-fired Ovens

Wood-fired ovens have been around for centuries and were present in nearly every culture.

Very little has changed in oven design and their characteristics. Wood-fired ovens have regained in popularity mainly through celebrity chefs and restaurateurs. Its success is mainly the “new” old concept cooking with a live fire and a very different taste experience thats coming from these ovens. The unique way how heat is transferred (conduction, radiation & convection) into the food makes those ovens stand apart from our modern age ovens.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens are the new trend to bring an outdoor space or an exsisting BBQ corner to new heights in outdoor entertainment.

Outdoor Kitchens are a visual and social focal point in a garden or pub where family and friends gather. It is a place to enjoy the food and the warmth from a wood-fired oven or BBQ and to feel the conducting heat of a heated bench or the radient heat of an open fire place. Invited guests can sit at the bar while interacting with the host or chef watching their food being prepared in front of their eyes while enjoying a glass of wine.

Outdoor Kitchens have become a natural extension of the home’s interior living space, if well designed, you can entertain your family and friends with this experience all year round no matter what the weather is doing.